Effortlessly manage your stories, interactions, and more

User Profile

Starwall’s profile feature offers a snapshot of your personal information and interactions. Easily see your followers, followings, and explore or search users within the app or your organization. If you’re part of an organization, your profile showcases your leaderboard position and points dashboard. Stay organized by tracking your marketplace orders and blocking unwanted users—all in one place

The User Profile feature on Starwall is your personalized hub within the platform. It’s not just a profile; it’s your space to showcase your recognition journey.

Dive into a world of connections. Your profile not only reflects your recognition achievements but also allows you to explore and connect with others. View your followers, see who you’re following, and discover new users within your organization.

If you’re part of an organization, your profile provides a direct view into your standings on the Leaderboard. Track your recognition points, see how you compare to your peers, and celebrate your achievements.

Stay informed about your Marketplace orders directly from your User Profile. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a redemption or checking the status of your rewards, your profile keeps you in the loop.

Your User Profile is more than a snapshot; it’s a command center. Manage your recognition world by blocking unwanted users, controlling your privacy settings, and keeping track of your stories and activities.

Your stories matter, and your User Profile is the window to your recognition narrative. From achievements and engagements to the connections you’ve forged, your profile encapsulates the essence of your recognition journey.