Unlock the Full Spectrum of Engagement with Starwall Surveys and Polls

Survey & Polls

Starwall takes a holistic approach to employee engagement through a diverse set of surveys and polls designed to cater to every aspect of your organizational dynamics. From quick pulse checks to in-depth structured surveys, we offer a comprehensive toolkit to empower your engagement initiatives.

  • Quick and efficient employee feedback tool.
  • Ideal for capturing real-time insights on immediate topics.
  • Short, focused questions for instant responses.
  • Enables swift reactions to emerging trends or concerns.
  • Enhances agile decision-making based on timely feedback.
  • Employee engagement survey.
  • Employee satisfaction survey.
  • Organization culture survey.
  • Recruitment satisfaction survey.
  • Onboarding survey.
  • Exit interviews.
  • Employee retention survey.
  • Manager evaluation survey.
  • 180 / 360 feedback survey
  • Feedback survey (topic based)
  • Flexibility to design surveys based on unique organizational needs.
  • Adaptable to address specific challenges or gather targeted feedback.
  • Tailor questions to align with company culture and objectives.
  • Enhances engagement by focusing on individualized areas of improvement.
  • Versatile tool for gaining deeper insights into specific aspects of the workplace.
  • Real-time interactive polls during events or meetings.
  • Engages employees in immediate, interactive feedback sessions.
  • Enhances participation and involvement in live discussions.
  • Quick snapshots of opinions on specific topics or decisions.
  • Fosters a dynamic and participative organizational culture.
  • Open-ended platform for employees to express thoughts or concerns.
  • Encourages free-form responses for a diverse range of feedback.
  • Ideal for gathering qualitative insights and suggestions.
  • Promotes open communication and transparency.
  • Enables employees to actively contribute to the organizational dialogue.