Inspiration is contagious – share the vibes with Starwall’s Repost feature

Repost or quote

You read a story that inspires you and you want others to take a benefit out of it, use Starwall Repost function. Reposting allows you to share and showcase content from other users. While reposting you can add your thoughts too

If you come across a story that resonates with you and holds valuable insights, the Repost function allows you to share it with your network.

Reposting is not just about sharing—it’s a way to amplify valuable content within your organization. Share stories that have made an impact on you, spreading positivity and motivation across teams.

When reposting, add your own thoughts and perspective. This not only personalizes the
content but also encourages community building.

The Repost or Quote feature turns recognition into a shared experience, strengthening the sense of community and connection among team members.

Connect, inspire, and engage with your colleagues by reshaping recognition stories and contributing to a culture of shared success.