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Report Posts

Starwall is offering one of its unique features in its recognition app. You can report a post to your admin that is violating your company’s communication guidelines. The post can be spam, inappropriate content, or other violations of the platform’s rules.

At Starwall, we believe in fostering a culture of respect, integrity, and open communication. The Report Posts feature is a testament to our commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive environment within the platform.

Your concerns are valuable, and we prioritize confidentiality. When you report a post, your identity and information remain confidential. The report is discreetly communicated to your company’s administrator, ensuring that your act of responsibility doesn’t compromise your privacy.

The reported post is brought to the attention of your company’s administrator. This crucial feature enables administrators to review the content, assess its compliance with communication guidelines, and take appropriate action.

The Report Posts feature goes beyond addressing individual concerns; it contributes to the overall health of the digital community.