Recognize, Motivate, Succeed

Stars & Happy Points

Why wait for next employee summit to reward them, Assign Stars and / or Happy points to boost recognition and motivation in real time. Stars are symbolic tokens of recognition, spreading joy and positivity across your workplace. Meanwhile, Happy Points, our very own monetary currency, can be exchanged at the marketplace for amazing rewards.

No need to wait for the next employee summit; assign Stars and/or Happy Points instantly to boost recognition and motivation in real-time.

Stars are for everyone – a non-monetary way to spread positivity and happiness among colleagues, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Happy Points are monetary incentives that encourage employees to embody company values, turning recognition into a way of life.

By providing instant recognition, this feature actively reduces disengagement, keeping the workforce motivated and aligned with organizational goals.

Bring transparency to the recognition system, encouraging healthy competition and creating an environment where everyone’s efforts are acknowledged.

Effortlessly track and measure progress, allowing organizations to identify and celebrate top performers while reinforcing a culture of success.